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King British

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King British

    • We are called King British because that’s what we aspire to be – the royalty of the fish world, top class foods, medicines and water care treatments for our friends that live in water
    • As you can tell by the name we are very proud about who we are and where we come from
    • King British is made and sold in the UK – something that we are exceptionally proud about, not to mention that because we source local and manufacturer in house we are able to pass savings onto our customers
    • We also like to support projects and charities right here in Great Britain
  • King British Plant Food - 100ml

    This specially developed formula includes essential nutrients in the form of trace elements...
  • King British Swimbladder Control - 100ml

    Use when fish are unable to swim upright in the water. Particularly recommended for Orandas and...
  • King British Tropical Easy Clicker Feeder - 30g

    High protein, low waste formula means less is excreted into the water as waste therefore helping...
  • King British Tropical Fish Flake Food - 2kg