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    • Our flavoured pumpkin seeds pack a real punch when it comes to flavour, but despite the power they can harness over your taste buds, they're no heavyweight when it comes to your waistline
    • More samurai than sumo, our wasabi pumpkin seed snacks are the first of their kind in the UK
    • Offering you all the benefits of pumpkin seeds, this super-flavoured superfood provides high levels of zinc and omega 3 and will give you a healthy dose of fibre and the antioxidant vitamin E
    • What's more, our products are MSG and GMO free too
  • Kintaro Pop Rice Banana & Chocolate - Pack of 24 x 36g

    Sharpen your senses with the mighty combination of tasty chocolate and delicious dried banana, all...
  • Kintaro Pop Rice Blueberry & Cranberry - Pack of 24 x 30g

    Like the trusty Samurai, these popped rice morsels are dedicated to self-discipline, while being...
  • Kintaro Pop Rice Nut Attack - Pack of 24 x 36g

    Nuts and seeds combine to make a tantalising treat for warriors following the noble path to a...
  • Kintaro Pop Rice Strawberry & Goji Berry - Pack of 24 x 36g

    Feel no fear when you commit to the cleansing power of sweet goji berries and dried strawberries,...
  • Kintaro Vanilla Pumpkin Seeds - Pack 24 x 38g

    Kintaro Vanilla Pumpkin Seeds. Vanilla pumpkin seed snack with vivacious vanilla flavour. Also a...
    out of stock until 15 November 2016