Kokoon Design

    • Kokoon design is a Belgian based company specialized in the wholesale of modern design furniture
    • Thanks to its 10 years experience in production management with partner factories, Kokoon Design met great opportunities and valuable customers which helped it to expand its markets worldwide and to a large part of Europe: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Great-Britain, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Estonia, Lithuania & Slovenia
    • Striving to understand and fulfill the customers’ needs, we travel around the globe to find the factories that are most suited for the type of product we are looking for
    • In order to offer quality products, we select only the best of them and regularly visit and control their production process
    • After systematic post production quality checks, the products are stocked in our 10
    • 000m² cutting edge logistic platform
    • This allows us to deliver our customers within 2-10 days whatever the quantities
    • In addition to our wholesale business, we also offer dropshipping services
    • This means that we can ship any products to your warehouse or showroom, with no minimum order or quantity
    • (Subject to a few communication and quality criteria) We can also deliver directly to your own end customers
    • This is a real opportunity for those who want to resell our products without worrying about its purchase, inventory or expensive logistics management
    • Last but not least, we are constantly looking for new products in order to satisfy your needs
    • We will regularly surprise you with great new items
  • Indoor Lighting - Chrome steel frame - Kokoon Design - 73 x 73cm

    With its snowflakes structure, it will surely be the Centre of attention of your living room....
  • Home Deco - Chair Black Padded - (AC00260BL)

    “Chair Black Padded” is another fantastic designer chair from Kokoon Design- A specialist in the...
  • Home Deco - Chair RED- (AC00690RE)

    This chair was designed in chrome steel frame, making it look elegant and robust. This interior...
  • Home Deco - Stool White- (BS00430WH)

    This designer stool consists of a brushed stainless steel frame, leaving it attractive and trendy....
  • Indoor Lighting - 4 white teinted glass balls Pendant Lighting (Kokoon Design) - 40W

    This Pendant Lamp is going to leave everyone speechless at its sight. Made of a unique structure,...
  • Indoor Lighting - Lampshade made of polypropylene - Orange - Kokoon Design - 195 x 175cm

    Created by Kokoon Design, this designer lamp comes in two parts- one part which is fixed with the...
  • Indoor Lighting - Shaded Chandelier in White and Chrome (Kokoon Design) - 35 x 80cm

    This magnificent Shaded Chandelier will bring more character to your living room. The Shaded...