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    • At Thomas & Betts, our focus is on improving your business performance by providing practical, reliable electrical products & services
    • To connect & protect for life
    • To solve everyday problems in the area's of Wire & Cable Management, Cable Protection, Power Connection & Control and Safety
    • Our extensive engineering, supply chain management and technical sales support teams are committed to understanding everything that impacts your ability to accomplish your business objectives by reducing your total cost of ownership
    • Whether you are designing, installing, operating, maintaining or owning an offi ce building, off-shore platform, hospital, or a high speed train, power generating plant, machine equipment or a manufacturing facility, Thomas & Betts engineered products fit and function in your application while providing superior performance, sustainability, and value throughout the project life cycle
    • All our brands are built upon four product & service solution platforms
    • Platforms that address you or your customers' critical electrical & lighting needs covering the protection of data, energy, processes, assets and personal safety
    • Beyond hi-performance application characteristics, Thomas & Betts products, information and services facilitate and speed up your time critical assembly, installation or maintenance process
  • Kopex Pipeslice 15mm

  • Kopex Pipeslice 21mm

  • Kopex Pipeslice 22mm

  • Kopex Pipeslice 28mm

  • Kopex TPPS15 Pipe-Prep 15mm

  • Tcw Replacement Wheels (pack 10)

    Genuine replacement wheels for Kopex pipeslices 15,21,22 and 28mm Pack of 10 wheels.