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    • We are specialised in the manufacturing of crepe maker and waffle machine, griddle plate, Multi Contact Grills
    • Our speciality : the cooking of crepe, galette, Brussels and Liège waffle, pancake, blinis, tacos, brick, ice cream wafer, thin crepe
    • Other manufactured equipments: Plancha gas and electric, grill, hotplate, bain-marie, working top, refrigerated crepes station, ventilated table, extraction hood, batter dispenser, crepe cart and carousel
    • Crepe, Galette, Pancake, Tacos, Blinis, Brick, Waffle etc
    • , since time immemorial, cooking batter or dough on a hot surface has been part of the art of cooking the world over
    • And everybody everywhere is faced with the same problems: how to get the heat distributed uniformly over the cooking surface, keep it stable over time and be able to make batches quickly without having to adjust the temperature all the time?
    • Jean-Marie Bosser was asked this question in 1949 and in the same year he designed the first crepe maker
    • Heat distribution, temperature stability, quality of cooking surface and comfortable working conditions were the founding aspects of the company and are still the major guidelines to improving its appliances and designing new ones to satisfy people both in the workplace and at home
  • Crepe Making Accessory Kit

    Crepe accessory kit is the perfect accompaniment for the crepe makers.
  • Krampouz Electric Crepe Maker CEBIV4JO

    With a smoothly welded frame for easy cleaning, the cast iron griddle is banded with stainless...
  • Krampouz Propane Gas Crepe Maker (Pro) CGBIK4AC PROP

    Made from stainless steel, with a smoothly welded frame for easy cleaning, the cast iron griddle...