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Label Rouge

    • Label Rouge is the unique official sign that guarantees superior quality to that of common products of the same nature: 'Red Label certifies that food or agricultural non food and unprocessed possess specific characteristics establishing a level of superior quality, arising in particular their conditions of production or manufacturing and conform to a specification loadswhich distinguish them from the food and usually marketed similar products"(art. L.641 - 1 of the rural code)
    • The superior quality of the Red Label products is guaranteed by the requirements set out in the specifications, and is checked regularly by sensory tests with panels of consumers and/or boards of experts
  • Free Range Black Leg Chicken (Label Rouge) +/- 1.3kg

    Thanks to a diet of corn and plenty of space, the meat is rich, lean and full of flavour. Taste it...
  • Free Range Guinea Fowl Supreme (Label Rouge) +/- 180g x 8

    Next time you fancy a healthy game supper, simply roast or grill one of these beauties with a...