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    • Since 1962, we've committed to supplying the highest quality, innovative hearing protection, sleep aids, and swimmer's ear prevention products at the best possible value
    • Today we offer a full range of earplug styles for sleeping, swimming, bathing, snoring, music, shooting, traveling, loud noise, and flying discomfort
  • Mack's Dry-n-Clear Ear Drying Aid

    Relieve the discomfort of water-clogged ears from swimming, bathing, showering, and water sports...
  • Mack's Pillow Soft Earplugs - 6 Pairs

    Doctor's choice for sealing out water and reducing noise. Mack's Pillow Soft Earplugs. Snore proof...
  • Mack's Wax Away Ear Wax Removal System

    Medically approved to safely and gently remove excess ear wax (cerumen).. Mack's Wax Away Ear Wax...
  • Mack's Shut-Eye Shade Premium Sleep Mask

    The original premium sleep mask. Mack's Shut-Eye Shade Sleep Mask. Features dual elastic straps...