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    • Mestemacher is a producer of bread and baked goods supplying the classic retail grocery trade in Germany and abroad with pre-packaged Vollkornbrot - German-style dark wholegrain bread - and international speciality breads
    • These products give Mestemacher a presence in a part of the whole bread and baked goods market
  • Mestemacher Pumpernickel Bread - 250g

    Mestemacher Pumpernickel Bread. Mestemacher all natural Pumpernickel is famous for its hearty,...
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  • Mestemacher Organic Linseed Bread - 500g

    Whole grain bread from organic farming, filled with tasty linseeds. Mestemacher guarantees no...
  • Mestemacher Organic Sunflower Seed Bread - 500g

    Mestemacher Organic Sunflower Seed Bread. Mestemacher bread is made in the old German baking...
  • Mestemacher Organic Whole Rye Bread - 500g

    Mestemacher Organic Whole Rye Bread. Organic whole rye. Wonderful. Mestemacher guarantees no...
  • Mestemacher Rye Bread - 250g

    No preservatives are used in this all natural Whole Rye Bread by Mestemacher. Mestemacher Rye...