• The House of Mistry was opened in the Summer of 1975 as a small chemists in South End Green, Hampstead
    • It was Dr C D Mistry's second pharmacy and before long Dr Mistry started to take another look at the natural remedies that he used as a youngster in Africa and India and started to develop these for his customers who wanted an alternative to the offerings of the big pharmacutical companies
    • Before long word spread and Dr Mistry found himself producing batches at a time and the House of Mistry name was applied to a range of Natural Products
  • Potentised® Propolis Lozenges With Vitamin C - 30 Tablets

    Potentised® Propolis Lozenges With Vitamin C. Made with Vitamin C, excellent for sore throat and...
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  • Mistry's Acidophillus Extra - 60 Vegicaps

    Mistry's Acidophillus Extra. Suitable for Vegetarians. Acidophillus Extra. Acidophillus Vegicaps.
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  • Mistry's Belladonna 6 - 100 Tablets

    Homeopathic remedy obtained from Belladonna berrys extract. Mistry's Belladonna 6 Tablets....
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  • Mistry's L.Lysine 250mg - 50 caps

    Mistry's L.Lysine 250mg is a protine enzyme whose main function is to block multiplication cycle...
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