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    • Our sole purpose as a company is to make it easy for people to turn what they eat and drink into personal moments of healthy joy without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process
    • Oatly was founded back in the 1990s and is based on Swedish research from Lund University
    • The company’s patented enzyme technology copies nature’s own process and turns fiber rich oats into nutritional liquid food that is perfectly designed for humans
  • Oatly Drink - 1000ml

    Oat fibre, eaten as part of a healthy diet, can help to lower your cholesterol levels..
  • Oatly Cream Drink - Pack of 18 x 250ml

    Oatly Healthy Oat Alternative to Cream is used just like ordinary cream for cooking and gives your...
  • Oatly Foamable - 6 x 1000ml

    Oatly Foamable. So you are a barista? Perfect. This carton of barista edition oat drink is based...
  • Oatly Chocolate Oat Drink - 6 x 1L

    Every kid’s favourite: chocolate milk — except there’s no milk! You are welcome mum. Oatly...
  • Oatly Chocolate Oat Drink - 6 x (3 x 250ml)

    Our chocolate oat drink is full of oats instead and these oats contain protein and carbs and...
  • Oatly Healthy Oat Chocolate Drink - 1000ml

    Oatly Oat Drink Chocolate is essentially the same as our ordinary Oat Drink, but in a chocolate...
  • Oatly Healthy Oat - 1000ml

    An organic oat based beverage with calcium..
  • Oatly Oat Drink Chocolate - 250ml

    Okay kids, you probably aren’t reading this because you are busy running around playing hockey or...
  • Oatly Alternative To Cream - 250ml

    Alternative dairy cream.. Oatly Alternative To Cream.
  • Oatly Enriched Oat Drink - 6 x 1L

    This is our Oat Drink placed in an ambient packaging so that you can store it in room temp. Oatly...
  • Oatly Organic Oat Drink - 6 x 1L

    This product is as good as it gets. Water, organic Swedish oats and a little bit of sea salt for...