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Organic Food Bar

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Organic Food Bar

    • ORGANIC FOOD BAR is a tightly-knit family
    • Each person who works here at our headquarters in Henderson Nevada is member of that family
    • Most of our staff have been here for many years
    • That’s because we all believe deeply in the vision of ORGANIC FOOD BAR
    • We pride ourselves in producing the best food bars in the world, and we work tirelessly to achieve that every day
    • Although, most of the time, it doesn’t feel like work
    • We love what we do, and we believe in the mission here
    • Interesting, isn’t it that when you truly love your work, it’s rarely a struggle to do it?
  • Organic Food Bar - Active Greens - 70g

    The Active Greens Bar™ is optimal energy food for those of you who want to add more wholesome,...
  • Organic Food Bar - Omega-3 Flax - 70g

    Flax to the max! We pack our Omega-3 Flax™ bar with a whopping eight grams of our exclusive...
  • Organic Food Bar - Protein - 70g

    With 22 grams of easy to digest organic protein from Organic Almond Butter and Organic Brown Rice,...
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  • Organic Food Bar Raw - Chocolate Coconut - 50g

    Enjoy the taste of tropical coconut blended with mouth watering delicious antioxidant rich...
  • Organic Food Bar - Active Greens Chocolate - 70g

    Organic Food Bar - Active Greens Chocolate bar. We created this bar for those of you who have a...
  • Organic Food Bar Raw - Chocolate Chip - 50g

    These delicious Organic Food bars are alkaline-forming, enzyme-alive organic sprouted superfoods...
    out of stock until 15 November 2016