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Penny Australia

    • Penny Skateboards 12 years experience in skateboard manufacturing has given me a strong appreciation for what it takes to make great quality skateboards
    • I’ve channeled everything I’ve learnt in manufacturing and design to come up with a high performance, long lasting, ultra fun plastic skateboard
    • From looking at any skateboard you can see whether its fundamentals are balanced
    • You can see it as each component comes together to make the final product and you can feel it under your feet and in your hands
    • And, it’s what sets Penny Skateboards above all the rest
  • Penny Australia Complete OG 2013 Plastic Skateboard - Yellow/Purple - 22.5" x 6"

    Penny skateboards are the original plastic skateboard, dating back to the 1970s !.
  • Penny Australia Penny Beanie - Red - OSFM

    Nice Beanie