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    • Promensil menopause is a natural standardised extract of red clover isoflavones - manufactured to the highest standards approved by International regulatory bodies
  • Promensil Menopause - 30 Tablets

    Natural Isoflavones for women during and after menopause. Novogen Promensil Menopause.
  • Promensil Red Clover - 90 Tablets

    Nothing else has changed - just the name!. Novogen Redclover isoflavones, the UK’s No.1 selling...
  • Promensil Menopause Double Strength - 30 Tablets

    The double strength product is especially formulated to help relieve higher numbers of hot...
  • Promensil Post Menopause - 30 Tablets

    NATURAL RED CLOVER ISOFLAVONES FOR WOMEN AFTER MENOPAUSE. Promensil Post Menopause 40mg red clover...