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    • Quies was founded in France in 1921; we have been developing, manufacturing, and selling wellness-enhancing products for nearly a century
    • At Quies, wellness means living in harmony with our environment—and silence plays an essential role
    • That’s why we introduced our emblematic “pink pearl” earplugs nearly a century ago, and why we have since expanded into a full range of wellness-enhancing products, ranging from ear, eye, and skin protection to anti-snoring remedies
  • Quies Silicone Earplugs for Swimmers - 3 Pairs

    Our reusable earplugs are made from water-tight silicone to keep water out of your ears. People...
  • Quies Doculyse Ear Wax Remover - 30ml

    Do you feel like your ears are blocked? It could be due to earwax that has become impacted,...
  • Quies Docuspray Ear Spray - 100ml

    Excess earwax is not only uncomfortable—it can also lead to earwax blockage. Quies Docuspray Ear...
  • Quies Wax Ear Plugs

    In Stock
  • Quies Foam Ear Plugs Soft Foam - 3 Pairs

    Assorted Colours. Cut down on noise from your surroundings without cutting yourself off from the...
  • Quies Clear Silicone Earplugs - Pack Of 6

    Quies Clear Silicone Earplugs. If you are like many people, you like wearing earplugs to protect...
  • Quies Silicone Swimming Ear Plugs for Kids - 3 Pairs

    Children with ear tubes and people with sensitive ears can now enjoy water activities worry-free,...
    In Stock
  • Quies Boules Natural Wax Ear Plugs - 8 pairs

    Effective noise protection: Original Quies natural wax earplugs keep your hearing safe, with a...
    out of stock until 22 December 2016