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    • Rakusen’s was founded in 1890 by Lloyd Rakusen, who was a jeweller by trade
    • Every Passover, Lloyd would bake matzos in the kitchen of his home
    • This sideline blossomed into a flourishing business and by the early 1930’s a factory was built on Meanwood Road in Leeds to produce his matzos
  • Rakusen's Traditional Matzos - 300g

    A wholesome blend of fine English wheat flour and pure water.. Baked wheat crackers with slight...
  • Rakusen's Matzo Crackers - 150g

    Rakusen Matzo Crackers. Delicious, crispy and are a natural food. Free from additives and...
  • Rakusen's Tea Matzos - 150g

    The ideal snack with butter, cheese or any kind of spread. They are especially suitable for people...
  • Rakusen's Matzo Meal - Medium (Blue) - 375g

    Medium grind (the blue one). Kosher Jewish food with certificate of the London Beit Din, (Not...
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