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Soho Spices

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Soho Spices

    • Inspired by a love of cooking and a lack of space in her Manhattan kitchen, designer Laura Martin decided to reinvigorate kitchens everywhere with a New York touch
    • Laura set out to create a line of storage solutions for spices that would be a "functional" design element
    • Thus we get a design that is practical, easy to use and also shows off the beautiful array of colors and textures of the spices and enhances the decor of any space
  • Soho Spices Shakers On "L" Stand Stainless Steel - 5 Shakers

    Shaker set of 5 containers with “L” shaped metal backplate, for free standing. Stainless steel.
  • Speed Rack Containers Stainless Steel - Soho Spices - 5 Containers

    Speed Rack Containers (5 Containers) by Soho Spices:. The rack comes with 5 containers that each...
  • Soho Spices Board & Containers Stainless Steel - Large (20 Containers)

    Magnetic bases. No assembly is required. Patented stainless steel twist and shake containers. Wall...
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