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    • Sunwheel Fruit Spreads are a delicious blend of concentrated fruit juice with absolutely nothing added
    • Each 300 gram tub is produced by pressing 2
    • 1kg of fruit to extract the juice, then boiling and cooling the juice several times until it becomes a concentrated paste
    • Once opened Sunwheel Fruit Spreads are best kept for up to 6 months in a cool dry cupboard
    • There is no need to refridgerate
  • Sunwheel Pear & Apple Spread - 300g

    Sunwheel pear & apple spread..
  • Sunwheel Pear & Apricot Spread - 300g

    Sunwheel pear & apricot spread..
  • Sunwheel Pear & Prune Spread - 300g

    Sunwheel pear & prune spread. Vegan Vegetarian. A 300g tub of this spread contains the...