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    • Superior Skateboards feature 100% Canadian Maple veneers that are cut from logs onsite
    • This ensures that there is complete control of the production from log to finished deck
    • The decks are pressed in single deck molds using “Stiff Glue Xtra”, the best water base glue in the industry
    • The single deck press ensures every single deck is 100% identical
    • The highest level of quality control in the industry ensures that every deck is perfectly finished
    • The result is a quality 7 ply deck that is a superior standard to 90% of the pro decks on the market but priced perfectly for the skater on a budget
  • Checker Griptape - Black/White - 33inch by 9inch

    Sheet of rather swanky checkered graphic grip!
  • Skateboard Griptape - Polka Dot - 33inch by 9inch

    Sheet of rather swanky Polka Dot graphic grip!