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Tea Studio

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Tea Studio

    • We are an independent company selling some of the very finest leaf teas, tisanes and teaware from around the world
    • We want to source our own teas so we can tell you exactly where each one comes from and are constantly searching for growers and suppliers who we can work with
  • Assam Tonganagaon Tea, 50g - 50g

    This tea has a dry, mild aftertaste and an edge of sweetness that will never fail to hit the spot....
  • Chai Tea, 50g - 50g

    It's a fantastic winter drink, a delicious 'dunker' and the ideal raw material for chai lattes....
  • Earl Grey Tea 50g - 50g

    Its charm lies, not in its strength, but in its chameleon-like tendency to go with anything and...
  • English Breakfast Tea, 50g - 50g

    Marvellous.. A blend of black teas from Sri Lanka, Kenya and India, this slightly-malty, coppery...
  • Lapsang Souchong Tea, 50g - 50g

    Despite the very definite taste, it's surprisingly adaptable and a great comfort drink. Famously...
  • Peppermint Tea 50g - 50g

    Made from finest Bavarian peppermint leaves, wonderfully zingy and with a scent to rival...
  • White Peony Tea, 50g - 50g

    Delicious at tea-time for a change, it will compliment all manner of scones, crumpets, sandwiches...