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    • Terrafertil was formed nine years ago by us, in our native South America
    • A band of three brothers and two cousins, we saw the impact exporting goldenberries could have on Andean farmers’ lives
    • We pride ourselves on the social impact we’re having in Colombia and Ecuador, where we work with hundreds of small growers and local communities
    • By growing the demand of this fruit across the world, Terrafertil is creating sustainable jobs for Andean farmers
  • Terrafertil Goldenberry Juice - 330ml

    Terrafertil Goldenberry Juice. It tastes fantastic too. The magical and mysterious Andean...
  • Terrafertil Goldenberry Power Mix - 90g

    Supercharge your day with this nutrient-rich medley of fruits. Our star of the show is the...
  • Terrafertil Goldenberry Juice - 1000ml

    Terrafertil® Goldenberries, also commonly known as physalis, are the new superfood packed full of...
  • Terrafertil Dried Goldenberry - 90g

    Pure golden sunshine bursts from this pack of dried goldenberries. Terrafertil Dried Goldenberry....