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Terre Bormane

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Terre Bormane

    • The business philosophy of TERRE BORMANE intends to recover the Ligurian ancient traditions and authentic values, in order to guarantee a unique and excellent product for exigent customers who appreciate the inimitable taste of a genuine, fragrant, dainty and absolutely natural oil, obtained respecting the simple methods handed down for many centuries
  • Terre Bormane Luxury Olive Oil Gift Set, 2 x 500ml, 5% DISCOUNT

    Both oils are extra virgin and one has hints of fresh lemon. This delightful extra virgin olive...
  • Bormano Olive Oil, 50cl

    The olives are traditionally harvested late in the season and immediately cold pressed to give an...
  • Citrino Olive Oil, 50cl

    Taggiasca olives and fresh lemons are pressed and the oil extracted once the mixture has settled....