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Thes De La Pagode

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Thes De La Pagode

    • Everything you need to know about thés de la pagode
    • We are 100% organic With a degree in agricultural engineering, the company’s founder set-out for China
    • Whilst there, he was introduced to tea by local aficionados and was won over by the varied flavours and benefits of this ancient drink
    • With a new-found passion for Chinese herbal medicine, he returned to France with a desire to share his taste for tea and its natural properties with as many people as possible
  • Thes De La Pagode Morri Green Jasmine Tea - 30 Bags

    Morri is a great green tea from China, with a floral nose of jasmin flowers. Thes de la Pagode...
  • Thes De La Pagode Organic Qi Cha White Tea - 30 Bags

    The miraculous tea “grand cru” to strengthen body resistance.. Thes de la Pagode Organic Qi Cha...
  • Thes De La Pagode Organic Yelong - 30 Bags

    Organic genseng tea good to stimulate health and vitality. 30 tea bags contain 150 tea cups...