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    • Tidman’s, another long-established salt brand, merged with Maldon in the 1970’s and the name lives on in two rather special products
    • Tidman’s Rock Salt is a properly coarse salt for mills and grinders and for even greater comfort, we suggest you relax either before or after dinner (or even both) in a bath primed with Tidman’s Soothing Sea Salt Bathing Crystals
    • Used to relax the body, cleanse and soothe the skin, these natural mineral salts ease aches and pains, promote wellbeing and restful sleep
  • Tidman's Bath Sea Salt - 1000g

    Tidman's Natural Sea Salt, dissolved in a warm bath, will help to relax and soothe your body,...
  • Tidman's Rock Salt - 500g

    Natural, coarse rock salt..