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    • Our goal is to deliver an authentic, fresh-tasting Oriental food experience in a bottle
    • We believe that Yau’s sauces fill a gap in the market for convenient, easy-to-use Oriental sauces that have been created with health and goodness in mind
    • So, NO MSG, NO artificial anything and 100% authentic taste
    • We like to shout about the great taste of the sauces because we know nothing else comes close
  • Yaus Cantonese Sauce - Pack of 6 x 265g

    Yaus Cantonese Sauce. A great alternative, if you’re not such a fan of sweet and sour sauce. This...
  • Yaus Kung Po Sauce - Pack of 6 x 265g

    Yaus Kung Po Sauce. If you like your food spicy then you really have to give our Kung Po sauce a...
  • Yaus Sweet & Sour Sauce - Pack of 6 x 280g

    Yaus Sweet & Sour SauceI wanted to give my kids something they love, but without any of the bad...
  • Yaus Zum Dipping Sauce - Pack of 6 x 280g

    Yaus Zum Dipping Sauce. Low fat . Free from Gluten, MSG, artificial colours and flavours.