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Braun IPL Gillette Venus Naked Skin Hair Removal System

  • IPL Gillette Venus Naked Skin Hair Removal System. Introducing a new at-home hair removal solution derived from professional Intense Pulsed Light technology. Naked Skin® helps break the cycle of hair re-growth, and you could experience visible hair reduction after one treatment.

Product Description

A new hair removal solution to elimate unwanted hair forever* Smart. Safe. Powerful. Gillette Venus Naked Skin® designed by Braun is clinically & dermatologist tested, so you can use IPL technology safely at home. And it comes for a fraction of the cost of professional treatments. Gillette Venus Naked Skin® allows you to treat your whole body without interruption - no charging and no bulb replacements like other at home hair removal devices. Here’s how it works: Intense Pulsed Light (or IPL) works its magic beneath the skin’s surface by targeting the melanin in dark hair, helping to break the cycle of hair re-growth. With continued, periodic use, the light energy helps prevent unwanted hair from reaching the skin’s surface. Naked Skin® uses an IPL technology called Square Wave to deliver just the right amount of controlled and consistent light energy to treat unwanted hair. Naked Skin® is used with a specially formulated V™ Activating Gel that enables the light to transfer seamlessly to the hair during treatment. The gel provides gentle treatment and more effective hair reduction as well as helps you track exactly where you have treated so you never miss a spot. And never missing a spot means you’ll know what truly naked skin feels like. Only Naked Skin® is equipped with our unique Skin Tone Sensor that measures your skin tone for safety. Once a skin tone reading is confirmed with the Skin Tone Sensor, the system automatically adjusts the energy level to your skin tone, providing you with a customized treatment experience. 98% of consumers confirm that Naked Skin® is easy to use. Get started today and experience visible hair reduction after 1 treatment*


Help break the cycle of hair re-growth with Gillette Venus Naked Skin® designed by Braun in these simple steps. Five Simple Steps to Continuously Smooth skin. 1. Shave the hair in the area you wish to treat. 2. Use the sensor to determine your correct skin tone. The device will then automatically set the right energy required for treatment. 3. Liberally apply an even layer of V™ Activating Gel. 4. Treat the area with Gillette Venus Naked Skin®. During the Start Up phase, treat once every two weeks for 6 – 12 treatments. 5. After the Start Up phase, just treat once every two months to Maintain Continuously Smooth skin. Up to 80% hair reduction after 3 months** Skin Tone Sensor For a Customized and Effective Treatment. Only Naked Skin® is equipped with a unique Skin Tone Sensor to measure you skin tone for safety. Once a skin tone reading is confirmed, the device will adjust the energy level automatically.

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Braun strives to fulfil the consumer's true needs with products that distinguish themselves through meaningful innovative features and benefits, high quality standards in performance and durability and ergonomic, distinctive and aesthetic design. Braun is convinced that a truly superior product that meets all consumer expectations can only be made by strictly adhering to the very highest standards of quality. For this reason, we do not compromise on quality in any way. Comprehensive testing and quality monitoring is a hallmark of every product, from Research and Development through production to customer service. Our quality control system ensures that our products are developed according to defined quality standards, and, like all relevant processes, procedures, and tools, are continuously optimized. Every Braun plant worldwide has implemented a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2000, and some according to ISO 13488 for medical products. It is important to us that each and every product meets, and, if possible, exceeds Braun's high standards for safety, reliability and durability. Thus we continually carry out intensive tests in our own laboratory. A few examples show in depth how we understand the term "quality tests".

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