BRAU16220 Braun

Braun Satin Hair 7 Colour Dryer

  • The Braun Satin-Hair 7 Colour dryer is specially designed to protect your delicate, coloured hair
  • Result? Your coloured hair looks vibrant and healthy for longer
  • Braun Satin Hair 7 Colour Dryer
  • It prevents heat damage, giving your hair optimal protection - despite full drying performance
  • For lustrous curls or a sleek, straight look, we recommend to combine the usage of Satin-Hair 7 Colour dryer with Satin-Hair 7 Colour straightener or Satin-Hair 7 Colour curler giving you the great styling you need


Product Description

  • IONTEC is a unique technology which is specifically designed to protect the health of your hair and therefore your reassurance for healthy styling
  • Assures healthy styling
    As all Braun Satin-Hair 7 appliances Braun Satin-Hair 7 Colour dryer features Braun's breakthrough innovation IONTEC
  • The result is an impeccable radiant shiny style that reflects the health of your hair.
  • The green ion jets release millions of satin ions effectively onto your hair to attract moisture particles from the air while straightening

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Expected Despatch By 27/10/2016
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