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CEHE10683 Breathe Right

Breathe Right Nasal Strips - Natural - 30 Large

by Breathe Right
  • Breathe Right Nasal Strips - Natural are effective, drug-free, easy-to-apply and provide snoring relief and nasal congestion relief due to colds, flu or allergies.

Selected Size: 30 Large

  • Expected Despatch By 14/12/2016

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Product Description

    • Placed correctly across the nose, the bands gently lift the sides of nose to provide:
    • Nasal congestion relief due to the common cold or allergies
    • Snoring relief for a better night's sleep
    • Breathe Right® nasal strips gently open nasal passages so you can breathe through your nose and close your mouth, reducing snoring.

      Each drug-free, non-prescription nasal strip consists of flexible, "spring-like" bands
    • Athletes also use nasal strips to improve their breathing during a workout
    • Breathe Right nasal strips are ideal for every kind of aerobic exercise.

      Small/Medium (Sm/Med on the package) works best for most (85%) adults and adolescents.
      Large is recommended for adults with larger noses.
    • Better breathing for people with a deviated septum


  • Breathe Right Nasal Strips (Tan and Clear)

    What is a Breathe Right nasal strip?
    The Breathe Right nasal strip is a drug-free, non-prescription device that works mechanically — from the outside — to gently open nasal passages. This reduces the resistance to air flowing through the nasal passages and improves the ability to breathe through the nose.

    How does it work?
    Within each Breathe Right strip are flexible, "spring-like" bands. On the underside is a special adhesive that, when placed properly on the nose, gently sticks to the area right above the flare of each nostril. As the bands attempt to straighten back to their original shape, they gently lift the sides of the nose and open the nasal passages — providing immediate and continual relief.

    Your nose is divided into two chambers, or nostrils. At the back of each nostril is a narrow space called the nasal valve, which is only 1/10" wide. All of the air you breathe in through the nose has to pass through these spaces, which can become blocked for a variety of reasons. The Breathe Right strip widens the space by mechanically pulling open the flexible cartilage walls of the nasal valves, making it easier to breathe without the use of drugs.

    Who can benefit from this product and when is it used?
    People who want to improve their nasal breathing with a drug-free device will benefit from using Breathe Right nasal strips. The strips can be used whenever easier breathing is desired — while congested from allergies or colds, during exercise and sleep, or throughout the day.

    How do the strips work for nasal congestion?
    Congestion — whether from a cold, allergies, flu or other reasons — narrows the already-small breathing space at the back of the nostril, making breathing through the nose more difficult. A Breathe Right strip widens the air passage to reduce nasal airflow resistance and provides temporary relief from nasal stuffiness.

    Can Breathe Right strips help with snoring?
    Yes! Most snoring is caused by mouth breathing. And you're more likely to breathe through your mouth when there is restricted airflow through your nose. So if snoring is due to an inability to breathe normally through your nose — and the majority of snoring problems are — then Breathe Right strips can reduce or eliminate the snoring by improving nasal breathing.

    In a study of snorers, 75% of bed partners reported that the strips reduced or eliminated snoring. Since 78 percent of U.S. households have at least one snorer, Breathe Right strips can have a positive impact for many snorers and their bed partners. It may take up to a week of consecutive use for snorers to breathe through their nose while wearing a Breathe Right strip and rely less on mouth breathing during sleep.

    If you suspect your snoring is a symptom of a serious condition — like sleep apnea — please see your doctor.

    Can they really help me sleep?
    Yes! If you're not getting deep, tranquil sleep, it may be because you're not breathing well through your nose. Even subtle breathing difficulties can lead to tossing and turning, fitful or disruptive sleep, waking up frequently, or waking up tired. Breathe Right strips open your nasal passages so you can breathe through your nose and close your mouth. And that can help you sleep through the night.

    Why are nasal strips used during athletics and exercise?
    Used by exercise enthusiasts and professional athletes alike, Breathe Right nasal strips improve nasal breathing, an effect that can improve cardio-respiratory and endurance. Wearing a Breathe Right nasal strip can reduce the energy needed to breathe — energy that can be saved or redirected to other aspects of a workout or performance. Numerous clinical studies, representing work with hundreds of athletes, have shown that Breathe Right strips can:
    - reduce the amount of energy required just to breathe
    - make breathing easier through the nose
    - reduce heart rate
    - improve cardio-respiratory efficiency

    In an independent study conducted by Project Research, Inc. with over 1,000 randomly selected subscribers to Runner's World magazine:
    - 60 percent were more comfortable when wearing a Breathe Right strip
    - 87 percent said wearing a Breathe Right strip made it easier to breathe when they ran
    - 90 percent were satisfied with the performance of the nasal strip
    - 92 percent said they would recommend the strip to a friend

    How do they work for deviated septum sufferers?
    Millions of American's have a deviated septum — a bend in the cartilage or bone that separates the nostrils. Symptoms include an airflow blockage through one or both nostrils, difficulty sleeping, chronic nasal stuffiness and loud breathing or snoring. While Breathe Right strips should not be considered an alternative to surgical correction, they can provide temporary relief by allowing air to pass more easily through the blocked nasal passage.

    Breathe Right nasal strips safe for anyone to use?
    Anyone can use Breathe Right strips, except children under five years of age. The strips are made with a medical grade adhesive and fabric. The Breathe Right nasal strips do not contain latex, however, the cold seal used to package the nasal strips is sealed with natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.

    How are clear strips different from tan strips?
    Breathe Right clear strips work the same way original tan strips do. However, the materials used are slightly different and this makes clear strips easier to remove. This is a great benefit for people with dry or sensitive skin.

About Brand

  • Breathe Right is a drug-free product that works instantly and can help you breathe better, sleep better and feel better. Nasal congestion relief due to the common cold or allergies and reduces snoring. Breathe Right nasal strips are clinically proven to help lift nasal passages and open your nose the minute you put them on and work for as long as you have them on, helping relieve nasal congestion and improving air flow.

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The Use Of Strips.
  • Added by avig
  • Date: 11/12/2015

The strips helps me to breathe well and have a good sleep at night.

Breathe right strips
  • Added by Keithyboy
  • Date: 18/06/2013

One of the best inventions in recent years. Being able to breathe at night has never been so easy and convenient. I would not be without them

Breathe Right Nasal Strips
  • Added by riccos
  • Date: 04/01/2013

Very clever product. Saved my marriage. I'm not snoring at all anymore. It helps me sleep all night.

Helps enormously
  • Added by Breezy
  • Date: 04/04/2012

These nasal strips may have saved my marriage! No more snoring. Thanks.

Great value!
  • Added by Albert Ashburton
  • Date: 14/03/2012

Breathe Right nasal strips are the best product on the market but sometimes very expensive. Auravita offer this product at such a reasonable price there's no need to try cheaper brands.

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