BRIT10007 Brita

Brita Cartridge - Classic - Single

  • Fits all Brita jug systems and kettles.


Product Description

  • Furthermore it reduces aluminium and certain heavy metals (like copper and lead) and certain pesticides (like diurone)
  • You will also have less limescale build up in your domestic appliances.
  • Organic impurities are also reduced
  • The BRITA Classic filter cartridge reduces limescale and other substances such as chlorine which affect the taste and odour in your tap water
  • The result is cleaner, clearer, great tasting water for hot and cold drinks, and for delicious food


For almost 40 years BRITA has been involved in the optimization of water and has devoted itself to the future of this essential resource.

See the difference for yourself!
An aromatic cup of your favourite tea or coffee is an experience for all the senses. But for perfect enjoyment it is not just the quality of the initial products that play a key role. Only when you use the right water will your hot drinks or food become a true delight. This is where the BRITA filter cartridge comes in. You will see, smell and taste the difference!

No water is like another
The water supply companies make drinking water available as a basic foodstuff. It is subject to stringent controls and complies with high standards. But regardless of its origin, drinking water has individual properties such as a differing limescale content. Boiled water should fulfil special requirements for the preparation of different kinds of tea and coffee as well as food.
After all, a cup of coffee or tea is around 98% water! Thanks to the BRITA filter cartridge you always have optimum freshly treated water on hand for boiling. And you can savour delicious food and drink with a full aroma, perfect taste and appetising appearance!

Why filtered water?
Hard water and coffee or tea do not go together well. How hard your water is (overall hardness) depends on the permanent hardness and carbonate hardness of the regional water. The carbonate hardness is also known as limescale. During brewing it impairs development of the fine flavours. It is also responsible for unattractive scum in your tea. And another thing: limescale builds up in your kettle as unsightly and annoying deposits.

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