BRML10003 Brother Max

Brother Max 2In1 Ear &Forehead Digital Thermometer

  • This multi-function 2-in-1 thermometer by Brother Max is designed for the whole family
  • Brother Max 2 In 1 Ear & Forehead Digital Thermometer
  • You can measure ear and forehead temperature for your convenience.


Product Description

  • Accurate to 0.1º
    Takes temperature in just 1 second
    For the whole family
    Just wipe clean, no need for probe covers
    Easy to use with one-touch buttons and clear icons
    Memory stores the last temperature reading to refer back to
    Certified as a medical device

    Our thermometer provides an accurate and fast digital reading to 0.1º in just 1 second for complete peace of mind
  • Features:

    Digitally measures ear and forehead temperatures
    10 second countdown feature
  • The sleek design is easy to hold and operate with one-touch buttons and clear icons
  • A button-cell battery is included.
  • Easy to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit modes
  • The battery level is shown on the display to indicate when it needs replacing
  • The temperature reading is shown clearly on the LCD display.
    Unlike other ear and forehead thermometers, ours is designed for use without probe covers so you don’t need to buy these separately – simply wipe the probe clean.
    When repeatedly taking temperature, all contact thermometers need to re-acclimatise so a 10 second countdown is displayed on the screen for your convenience
  • Comes with a hygiene guard and cap to protect the probe.
    Highly energy efficient with exceptionally long battery life

Manufactured by

Brother Max Ltd









Expected Despatch By 01/11/2016

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