BRML10006 Brother Max

Brother Max One Touch 3-In-1 Digital Thermometer

  • It provides ultimate flexibility for the whole family, where some may prefer a reading taken from ear over forehead or vice versa, and measures room temperature far more accurately than baby monitors, which is an important part of reducing cot death.
  • Brother Max One Touch 3-In-1 Digital Thermometer


Product Description

  • Its One-Touch design makes it incredibly easy to use yet it is highly accurate to an incredible 0.1º

    this unique thermometer has been inspired by family, specifically designed to:

    • Give you additional peace of mind, through market-leading accuracy.
    • Make life easier by being specifically designed to work without probe covers, yet remain ultra hygienic.
    • Save you time, by taking temperature in just 1 second.
    • Save you money, by combining 3 functions.

    Designing out probe covers removes a cause of difficulty for many parents as thermometers that need them require an ongoing supply of additional covers, and won’t work without one, yet these covers are often uncomfortable for little ones
  • This ensures easy access to the thermometer at all times, essential as little ones can become ill much more rapidly than adults.

    Travel-friendly, it comes with its own stylish, hardwearing travel case that also has a second stand build in.

    Unlike many thermometers, it is 100% mercury-free and is certified as a baby product and a medical device
  • Using readily-available AAA batteries, rather than cell batteries (which many other thermometers use), one set of batteries will last for 3,000 readings in Ear or Forehead mode and 6 months in ambient mode (if left on constantly).

    It sits in its own stand - for taking room temperature - which can be wall mounted without screws and be positioned anywhere as its flip-over screen automatically knows which direction it is facing (like an iPhone!)
  • Pack contains: Digital thermometer • Stand+Wall mount • Travel case • AAA batteries.
  • One-Touch 3-in-1 digital thermometer
    The UK's 2 selling digital thermometer now has another innovation...
    (making it the easiest and most accurate thermometer to use)
    Next Reading Countdown - to ensure accurate readings, users of any electronic thermometer must always wait 10 seconds in-between each ear or forehead reading (to allow the probe to re-acclimatise).

    After 10 seconds the device will be ready to take another temperature.
    This award-winning digital infrared thermometer measures ear, forehead and room temperature, in just 1 second
  • This product has a built-in cover for keeping the probe clean when not in use, and is cleaned after use with a simple wipe using a baby-wipe or alcohol-wipe (or similar).

    The screen has a back-light that automatically turns itself on and off, just one of the many energy-saving features that gives it exceptionally long battery life
  • It is also free of all other chemical nasties including BpA, Phthalates and PVC

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Expected Despatch By 26/10/2016
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