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Brother S-1000A-3 High Speed Lockstich Industrial (Super)


Product Description

  • The Servo Motor also known as a Silent Motor uses 20% less electricity and only runs when the machine is actually in use
  • The S-1000A (Replaces: model Brother S-1110A ) is Brother's New Standard High Speed Single Needle Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine
  • Support for use of attachments: The machine is equipped with some attachment taps on the top of the bed for the use of attachments on the market
  • Oil leakage from the needle bar, which is the main cause of oil staining with lock stitches, can be prevented, enhancing reliability for stain-free sewing
  • Preventing puckering and material slippage With the eccentric feed bar stud, the tilt of the feed dog can be adjusted
  • New Brother S-1000A-3 High Speed Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine Come & Try it before you Buy it! This machine comes complete with head, energy motor, wheel stand, table and cotton stand
  • The Brother S1000A model is designed as a general purpose Industrial Sewing Machine for use on light to medium weight material
  • Suitable for light, medium, stretch & heavyweight fabrics as well as light weight leather
  • Low Thread Tension Sewing The mechanisms of the thread take-up, rotary hook and feed are optimally designed for the stable, low thread tension sewing
  • This machine aslo comes with wheel Stand to make moving the machine around a lot easier
  • This prevents puckering and material slippage
  • Features: Straight Stitch Self Oiling Sewing Speed - 5500spm Stitch Length - 0 - 5mm Needle Bar Stroke 31 Presser Lift Height 6mm/13mm Feed Dog - 4 Row Bed Size - 476mm x 178mm Knee Lifter Reverse/Back Tack Adjustable Presser Foot Height for Thicker Fabrics Single Phase 240v 13 amp (can be used at home) Accessories: Book Cover Spanner Screwdrivers Bobbins Needles Oil
  • The machine provides stable sewing without oil staining, offering excellent durability
  • Ideal seams with optimal thread tightening can be obtained regardless of the type of thread
  • This makes it a lot more comfortable to work with as it is incredibly less noisy than a clutch motor
  • Minimum Lubrication For the lubrication to the needle bar and thread take-up area, a wick lubrication system has been adopted to keep the oil supply to the area to a minimum

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