MDSG10949 Asmodee

Bugs & Co Tile Game


Product Description

  • Set out the Trophy tiles face up alongside the monsters
  • Three, two, one… everybody plays!

    The players turn over the tiles with one hand, then either transfer them face down to their hand or turn them back over on the table

  • You must then wait until all the other players have finished
  • Careful; you’re not allowed to return a tile from your hand or look at them again
  • Then comes the scoring
  • Collect as many identical monsters as possible in the shortest possible time! Shuffle the little creature tiles, discard 7 of them at random, and put the rest face down on the table
  • The player with the most points wins.
  • But many of the monsters look rather similar and in the general confusion it will be easy to confuse them
  • Even more so given that players can return unwanted tiles to wherever they like on the table! As soon as you think that you’ve got as many families of 3 identical critters as possible, take the Trophy token with the highest value
  • Each family of 3 identical tiles scores 3 points, each tile that doesn’t complete a family loses you a point, and each Trophy scores the number of points shown on the tile
  • You will need, therefore, to memorise the beasties in your hand as you capture them

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10 years - 99 years




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