BRNT10012 Burnt Sugar

Burnt Sugar Stem Ginger Fudge - 150g

  • We’ve been told our fiery stem ginger fudge really hits the sweet spot
  • Burnt Sugar Stem Ginger Fudge
  • Perfect for full on ginger nuts!



One thing you learn when you make fudge, is that it all just somehow happens'or not. It's so easy for it to go slightly, or completely, wrong - it happened to us once. Yes, we burnt the sugar (but only once). It wasn't all bad because it made us realise we needed a little reminder - to make sure we never did it again. So that's what we called ourselves - Burnt Sugar - (because we also realised we needed a name). Yes, sometimes fudge happens just right. The perfect mix of sticky ingredients, beaten 'til it's the perfect crumbliness and finally broken into the perfect little random pieces. My mother used to get it right all the time. She sold it in paper bag packs in a shop down in Lyme Regis - and the same people used to come back year after year for more. It was almost as famous as the fossils (and a lot less crunchy).

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