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Butchers Lean & Tasty - 12 x 400g

  • 100% complete, wheat gluten free dog food with steam cooked ingredients making it a delicious nutritious lean meal for your dog

Product Description

  • 100% complete food*
  • 30% less fat so fewer calories* L-Carnitine which helps convert fat to energy and promotes lean body mass*
  • Easily digestible; soya and wheat gluten-free which is good for sensitive tummies*
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives*
  • The canned recipes also contains maize flour a quality (gluten free) carbohydrate for slow release energy*
  • Wheat Gluten free dog food


Butcher’s Lean & Tasty dog food offers two feeding programmes

  • The weight loss programme will kick start their new regime helping them back on the road to shifting those unwanted pounds. Rest assured you’ll be feeding your dog all of the nutrients he needs to be fit and healthy just with less fat and fewer calories
  • Once your dog is at an ideal weight you can change to the weight maintenance programme, helping your dog stay in great shape. If you usually feed your dog dry and meaty foods, once they have achieved their ideal weight you can, if you wish re introduce dry foods
  • Butcher's Doggy Diet
  • Butcher's carried out a doggy diet programme, for nine dogs over 24 weeks, feeding Butcher's Lean & Tasty. We monitored their individual progress over the diet period, and had great results. See their dog weight loss results
  • Dog Weight Loss
  • From feeding to exercise, gain advice on how to help your dog lose weight

    Other Info

  • If your dog is carrying extra pounds it’s up to the owners to get them back to a healthy weight
  • Offering a choice of weight loss and a weight maintenance feeding regime
  • There’s no reason they can’t be “Fit as a Butcher’s Dog™" once more and that’s why we’ve developed our special Lean & Tasty dog food range
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