BOUS10000 Camilia

Camilia Teething Oral Solution - 10ml

  • Along with the joy and anticipation of a baby’s first tooth can come discomfort, irritability and sleeplessness
  • Camilia Teething Oral Solution
  • Until those first pearly whites emerge, little gums can become inflamed and sensitive
  • For temporary relief of these symptoms, there’s Camilia


Product Description

  • Naturally free of sugar and preservatives, it leaves no unpleasant taste
  • This gentle homeopathic medicine comes in pre-measured, individual doses that are kid-friendly and easy to swallow
  • More importantly, Camilia won’t mask any symptoms that could lead to the discovery of a more severe health problem.

    And while other leading products can contain chemical ingredients and cause side effects, Camilia is 100 percent natural and will not negatively interact with other medications your baby may be taking
  • This product will not numb your baby’s throat or interfere with normal gag reflexes which can lead to choking or food getting trapped in the lungs.

    A baby’s transformation from a gummy smile into a mouthful of shiny teeth doesn’t have to be a painful experience
  • For safe, effective relief the natural way, try Camilia.

    “All-you-need” teething solution; safe for children 1 month of age & older
    Convenient, sterile, single-use doses
    No benzocaine, preservatives, flavors, dyes, sugar or artificial sweeteners
    No side effects; no risk of overdose

Manufactured by

Boiron USA (West Coast Branch)








Age Range

0 month - NA




Expected Despatch By 02/11/2016

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