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Can You Make It As A Backpacker ? Board Game


Product Description

  • Can you make it as a BACKPACKER? is what you need!

    You'll be travelling and surviving in a perverse world of confusion, foreign laws and smelly toilets! Whether you want to discover ancient cultures and drink locally brewed rocket fuel with tribal villagers or travel thousands of miles to sit on a crowded beach surrounded by people from your home town - you'll need money, planning, friends back home and shrewd survival skills if you want to make it as a backpacker.

    Can you triumph in an infamous visa run?
    Can you sidestep the ingenious scams devised by the locals to separate you from your cash?
    Can you afford a night in the hostel bar?

    You must travel around the world, remain safe, find work if your money runs out and accumulate worldly knowledge as you go.

    Preparation is essential!!
  • Are you on your gap year, have you quit your tedious job for a career break or are you simply running away?

    Whether you want to dip your toes into the world of backpacking before taking the plunge for real or prove to your mates how experienced you already are

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