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Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops - 10ml

  • Care Co-Lactase infant drops are lactase enzyme drops to reduce lactose content in breast milk and infant formula
  • Lactose is a complex sugar found in milk, dairy products, infant formulas and breast milk.
  • Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops


Product Description

  • The immature digestive system of babies can have trouble breaking down the lactose in milk into more simple sugars
  • Transient lactose deficiency is a possible cause of infantile colic
  • Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops are sugar free, preservative free and flavour free.

    It can be used for babies from birth onwards
  • Care Co-Lactase should only be used for as long as it takes the infant to produce enough of its own lactase enzyme as the gut develops - typically at around 3 - 4 months.

    Your doctor or health visitor can tell you more about how transient lactase deficiency can affect your baby.
  • Lactase is the enzyme usually produced by our bodies to break down lactose into more simple sugars so our bodies can absorb it


Care Co-lactase enzyme drops can be added to breast milk and formula milk every time you feed.
Do not give the drops directly to your baby.

Breast Feeding:
Express a few tablespoons of breast milk into a small sterilised container. Add 4 drops of Care Co-Lactase. Give this to your baby on a sterilised plastic spoon or using a syringe and continue breast feeding as normal.

Infant formula:
Make the baby formula according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Add 4 drops of Care Co-Lactase to the formula when at feeding temperature. Do not add Care Co-Lactase to the formula if it is hot. Shake the formula and feed as normal. Discard any unused formula.

Making formula in advance:
Make the baby formula according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Add 2 drops of Care Co-Lactase to warm (not hot) milk and store in the refrigerator for a minimum of 4 hours. The prepared formula must be used within 12 hours of making it. Warm to feeding temperature as normal when you need to feed. Discard any unused formula.

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Age Range

0 month - 3 months




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