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Carley's Organic Raw Hazelnut Butter - 250g

  • Delicious as a bread spread, in sauces, nut milk, dressings, dips and baking
  • In our all organic factory we are proud never to use refined oils, palm fat, emulsifiers or anything artificial in any product
  • Carley's Organic Raw Hazelnut Butter
  • We are very careful to avoid any risk of cross contamination


Product Description

  • Use as a spread on bread or crackers, and in sauces, dips and dressings.
    We also process sesame, mustard, soya and peanuts
  • Refrigerate after opening and eat within three months
  • We check and remove during production but cannot guarantee to have found every piece.
    Carley’s is family owned and independent ¦ Certified by the Soil Association since 1992.
  • Cool milled below 44°C just from organic unroasted hazelnuts, no added oil, no added salt
  • Natural nutritious hazelnut oil may separate on the surface, just stir back in.
    Organic hazels can naturally contain nut shell fragments etc


Contains Nuts (!)

Nutrition Information

Milled purely from raw organic hazel nuts, a good source of protein and many minerals including calcium

Nutritional Info Per 100g

Energy kcal 628

Energy kJ 2629

Protein 15.0g

Carbohydrates 16.7g

of which sugars 4.3g

Fats (total) 60.8g

of which saturates 4.5g

Fibre 9.7g

Calcium 114mg

Sodium 0mg

Gluten-free ¦ Vegan ¦ No added salt ¦ No added sugar ¦ Non GM


Carley’s of Cornwall Ltd is a manufacturing company 100% dedicated to making a range of lovely organic foods.
We have two working directors: Shirley Carley and John Carley, and currently two further employees: Steph Heller and Rachel Carley.

The business started in 1974 as a wholefood shop opened by Bill Scott and called “The Granary”. That little shop has given rise to several businesses in Cornwall, including The Granary wholesalers, at least two other independent shops, and us!
Many years ago Bill moved on to follow his love of the stage and run “Miracle Theatre”. Miracle Theatre is well known in Cornwall and many other parts of the UK. If you get a chance to see a Miracle show you must! Be warned it can be habit forming!

We now trade from a small factory unit in Truro, Cornwall, where we moved in 2003 after the premises were completely refurbished with the financial support of Triodos Bank, and the EAGGF (European Agricultural Guidance & Guarantee Fund).

At Carley’s we started manufacturing because we wanted to produce a range of interesting and distinctive organic products initially just to sell in our own shop. Quite quickly friends in the area asked if we could supply them too and so a business was born.
We joined the Soil Association in the 1980s, and gained our licence in 1992. We make organic products because we believe wholeheartedly in the rightness of the organic movement.

We have always been advocates of the benefits of organic foods, and want to be “part of the solution, not part of the problem”!

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