CUGE10150 Carnation

Carnation Hydrocolloid Blister Care - 4 Dressings

  • Rapid relief from blisters.


Product Description

  • The most important treatment is to change the footwear or activity that is causing the friction
  • It's also helpful to use Carnation Hydrocolloid Blister Care
  • The special dressing provides effective relief from friction, and therefore pain
  • Replace with a fresh dressing until the blister is completely healed
  • They are washproof, and can be left on the foot until they fall off naturally
  • protect the skin from bacteria
  • When shoes rub against the skin it becomes hot, fluid leaks from the blood vessels and subsequently becomes trapped under the surface of the skin forming a blister
  • There is no need to burst the blister and risk infection
  • promote rapid healing and skin recovery
  • Dressings can be cut to size required
  • Once in place they:
  • It creates a controlled environment for rapid healing of blisters by absorbing the fluid to form a soft gel helping relieve pressure.

    Easy to apply and use, conforming to the shape of the foot
  • relieve friction and pressure
  • 4 large dressings are provided per pack

Manufactured by

Cuxson Gerrard & Co Ltd









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