CUGE10142 Carnation

Carnation Insoles Powerstep Medium 6-8.5

  • Powerstep-the dynamic insole that relieves heel, arch, ankle and knee.


Product Description

  • Excessive rolling inwards of your feet, called over pronation, is a common cause of strains and pains.

    It strains the plantar fascia, a tough band of tissue that stretches like a bow string from your heel to the ball of your feet
  • As you walk your feet roll inwards (pronate)
  • The result is knee and back pain.

    Offers prescription-like arch support
  • Powerstep corrects foot posture and mechanics, helping to relieve pain and prevent injury.
  • As the foot rolls inwards the knee and leg also rotate inwards applying stress to muscles and bone structures
  • Where continued excessive inward rolling occurs this places extra stress on the knee and the lower back
  • Over time this becomes inflamed causing heel and arch pain.

    Excessive pronation can also put strain on the ankles, knees and the lower back
  • Provides a stabilising heel cradle.
    Has a double-layered cushion insole.
    Uses an antibacterial fabric top cover.

    The design of Powerstep is based on the experience of a Podiatrist creating and prescribing underfoot devices combined with extensive computer analysis of the average dimensions of thousands of pairs of feet.

    The result is a unique podiatric support system specifically designed to stabilise and correct alignment

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