CUGE10205 Carnation

Carnation Toenail Softening Lotion - 14ml

  • Carnation Toenail Softening Lotion relieves discomfort from hard or sharp toenails.



Cuxson Gerrard & Co. Ltd. was founded in 1878 and has pioneered many new product developments, earning a reputation for reliability and quality. The company is a leader in the research, development and manufacture of adhesive coated dressings, specialising in medicated dressings and adhesive paddings for podiatry and medical use. Cuxson Gerrard manufacture an extensive range of respirators (face masks) which cover a wide variety of industrial applications and are suppliers of a comprehensive range of first aid products.

The headquarters in the UK combines administrative offices with modern purpose built manufacturing facilities and a research and development laboratory maintaining the company's position as the leading producer of adhesive paddings to the podiatry profession worldwide.

The manufacture of healthcare products demands maintenance of high standards of operation. Cuxson Gerrard is committed to ensuring that products are consistently of the highest standard.

The company is accredited to ISO9001, holds pharmaceutical manufacturing and wholesale dealers licences and manufactures all products to the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practice within the strictly controlled manufacturing environment. The Quality Assurance system controlling all starting materials, processes and finished products is vital to product success

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3 out of 5
By dave | Posted on: 31/07/2013

difficult to apply

I'm not certain about how effective this product is. The bottle is difficult to open,the applicator in the bottle is a plastic 'paddle' which is difficult to use and apply the product in any 'decent coat' way. The scholl product is much easier to use being in a squeezy tube with a brush applicator top so seems to be more effective. I'm going to try to use a kiddies paint brush to see if i can apply it easier and then better judge its performance.


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