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Carving Knife, 18cm / 7” - 18cm

  • Carving knife, 18cm / 7”
  • With olive wood handle
  • First class limited range

Product Description

  • Fragrant bread, fine ham, high-grade olive oil and pickeled vegetables; that's the world of FIRST CLASS LIMITED
  • Hard, forged steel
  • wood from very old Andalusian olive trees and a masterly finishing in a small selection of very private knives that are of course maintained by hand


This knife is very sharp please handle with care and store out of the reach of small children. Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. By placing an order for this product, you declare that you are 18 years of age or over. This item must be used responsibly and appropriately.


KNIFE USAGE: Carving Knife Sharp, plain edged blade - ideal for carving all types of meat joints.


In the year of 1948 at the age of 23 Kurt Sträter, father of the today’s owner, founded a small knife sharpening factory in the backyard of the house of his parents in Solingen. He was inspired by the idea to build up a modern knife production in his home town. Working hard and investing in new modern machinery he very soon became a trustful supplier to the aspiring knife industry all over Germany. In 2005 the step to establish an own brand followed. By taking over a well introduced distribution system and the change-over to the brand name solicut at same time, now an “in-house customer” was created. The philosophy of solicut is easy - 100 % Solingen made knives in top quality for brand owners, private label volunteers and the qualified trade. In 2006 Solicut places emphasis on design-oriented differentiation. A long-term co-operation with the successful industrial designer Carsten Gollnick is being agreed. His first project ABSOLUTE ML receives unexpected recognition. Solicut also accomplishes the international breakthrough, supplying 20 countries world-wide. In 2007 Solicut receives the prestiguous if gold award for its ABSOLUTE ML knife collection, the most meaningful distinction of the consumer goods industry, known in the design trade as the Design Oscar. The same series is being nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, the so-called “award of the awards”. In 2008 the investments into product development and international sales are reinforced by the foundation of Solicut Distribution GmbH. The FIRST CLASS chef's knife receives considerable recogniction as test winner and best rated German chef's knife in the January issue of Germany's leading independent product testing magazine, "test". In October 2008, Solicut introduces the new knife series RESOLUTE, the first kitchen knife series made from razorblade steel.


Forged Solicut knives of the series FIRST CLASS, FIRST CLASS LIMITED, FIRST CLASS EDITION, TRADITION, PREMIUM and GOYA COLOUR are fully forged from one pieces of superb quality X50CrMoV15 stainless steel. Out of more than 40 production steps, a major part must be done by hand in order to achieve such an outstanding precision… Whether during the traditional hot drop-forging, the 3-step-hardening process for durability, flexibility and corrosion resistance, the handle finishing or particularly the honing of the cutting edges by hand, it depends on exact adherence to our specifications and the particular sure instinct of our 75 employees. With their unique know-how, they guarantee for their own production manufacturing base in Solingen / Germany. For our high-quality knives, we exclusively use best materials for their respective purpose, like POM (plastic for knife handles), and up to 1.000 years old olive wood acquired from limited de- and afforestation under governmental control. The material is treated with food-suitable and biological products. Fully forged knives with plastic handles are dishwasher suitable but not dishwasher safe. We therefore recommend to clean and dry by hand in order to avoid spots on the blade and exceptional damage on the cutting edge caused by unsafe storage or aggressive detergent in the dishwasher. Clean your knife regularly after use under hot water and dry it carefully. Thus you will always have a usable knife! Knifes with a wood-handle are not dishwasher-proof. To enjoy your knife for a lifetime you should clean and dry your knife only by hand. After extensive use treat the handles with salad oil. Do not use your knife for cutting things other than it was design for. i.e. do not chop bones or cut frozen food with a carving knife and don’t ever use a knife as a screwdriver or a can opener. After regular use, your knife can be easily resharpened on sharpening steel. This will ensure easy cutting and constant cutting result. To guaranty highest cutting-performance your knife should be extremely sharp. That means care by storing and working with the knife. Do not store your knife in a drawer unless the knife is covered with protective guards or sleeves and keep it away from children. We recommend storage in a solicut wooden block or on a solicut magnetic holder for wall mounting.


Because of our strict quality rules, it is natural that we guarantee for life* against manufacturing defects, which include workmanship and materials (*in countries where applicable, other countries: 10 years of warranty; does not apply to normal wear or misuse).

About Brand

Judged to be the best knife by the highly regarded product testing institute, Stiftung Warentest 2008, Solicut triumphs over many well known brands. Solicut knives combine perfect balance with exceptional sharpness, the perfect tool whether you're a pro or a hobby cook.


Materials: Forged steel, Olive wood. Size: 18 cm / 7"

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