RFCT16274 Casio

Casio Advanced Scientific Graphic Programmable Calculator (FX9860GII)

  • It's fast, powerful and incorporates natural textbook display, spreadsheet function, large backlit screen, USB connection to a PC and a huge 1.5 MB memory
  • Built-in applications include a fully-fledged Spreadsheet and eActivity for interactive instruction and exploration
  • Overview All the functions you'd expect from a modern graphic
  • NEW fx-9860GII FUNCTIONALITY REF/RREF Function Random Integers Unit Conversion New types of regressions Chi-squared GOF function 9 new probability functions Pie charts & Bar Graphs Graph X=f(Y) And much more! DISPLAY New overall design with the same generous screen size that youÔÇÖve enjoyed with the 9860G New LCD backlight for superior visibility Natural Display shows expressions and results exactly as they appear in the texbook Icon-based menu adds to overall intuitive usability USB CONNECTIVITY Direct connection to CASIO projectors Data transfer from unit-to-unit and from unit-to-computer USB cable included! New Manager Software available MEMORY/APPLICATIONS Built-in eActivity & Spreadsheet Applications Pre-loaded Geometry Application 1500 KB Flash ROM Back-lit display for use in poor lighting conditions Natural Display simplification of expressions and answers Dynamic Geometry application GCD Greatest Common Divisor and LCM Lowest Common Multiple Chi-squared Goodness Of Fit e-Activity Suitable for GCSE, A Level and Higher examinations Natural Display or S-VPAM operating system Icon Menu Dot matrix display Auto power off Battery life: 220 hours continuous operation Snap on Cover 1.5 Mb RAM - 64kb ROM total memory USB and 3-pin communications port Mantissa + EXP: 10 + 2 Memory Reset Key Programming language: BASIC - like Dimensions (mm): 184.5 (H) x 92.5 (W) X 24 (D) Run Statistics Matrices List Graphing Dynamic graphing Table Recursions Memory Usage Display Numeric Equation Solver Data communciations with PC - PC Link Conics Programming TVM - Financial Calculations Free download for E-CON Spreadsheet Angle measurements(DEG/RAD/GRA) Trigonometrics/Inverse Trigonometrics (SIN/COS/TAN) Hyperbolics Base n [BIN/HEX/DEC/OCT] Logic Operations Logarithms (LOG/LN) Roots & Powers Exponents Reciprocal Degrees/minutes/seconds Complex numbers Coordinate conversion Combinations & permutations Function editing Random numbers Copy and paste CATALOG function Numeric Integration & differentiation Standard deviation 10 Regression Types Broken Line Graph Scatter Graph Histograms Distribution Tests (Z, t, chi, ANOVA) Confidence intervals (Z & T) Box & Whisker Distributions (NORM/T/CHI/Fbinomial/poisson) Single and double variable Estimated values Rectangular Polar Parametric Inequality Zoom/trace Graph sketch Graph solve Dual Screen Simultaneous graphing Graph memory Picture memory



Manufacturer Part NumberFX9860GII
Product TypeCalculator
Product Barcode4971850186076

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