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Cawston Press Apple & Elderflower Juice - 1000ml

  • An irresistibly English offering, providing a more fragrant glimpse of an unrivalled English summer.



About Cawston Vale Juices:

No Preservatives, Colourings or Sweeteners
Our primary goal is to provide a premium range of delicious, unsweetened apple drinks that are 100% natural in their make-up.

We Press The Whole Apple
In order to assemble the most rounded, full-bodied flavours we make sure nothing escapes our presses.

Pressed Not Processed
We keep processing to an absolute minimum to retain the fresh apple taste in our juices. We think foggy flavours rock!

If we’d wanted to create the same bland, transparent fayre as so many of our competitors we’d have set ourselves up as a bottled water company!

Our Range Is Lightly Pasteurised
We make no apologies for bringing some much needed glamour and credibility to the ambient juice sector. By adopting our simple no-nonsense pasteurising approach, we can ensure that we only use apples at the very peak of their powers. Alas, the same cannot be said for some of our chilled competitors, who at certain times of the year are forced to employ inferior tasting fruit.

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