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Cedar Health Otosan Natural Ear Drops - 10ml

  • OTOSAN NATURAL EAR DROPS prepared on the basis of an ancient herbalist’s recipe and enriched with Propolis, are the perfect solution to all ear care troubles.


Product Description

  • OTOSAN NATURAL EAR DROPS derive from this
  • A natural detergent from an ancient herbal recipe combines the cleansing and balsamic actions of three essential oils with the soothing and softening properties of sweet almond oil.
    A few drops of OTOSAN NATURAL EAR DROPS regularly applied, prevent an excessive formation of ear-wax and assure the ear a correct preventive hygiene
  • This product is ideal for improving ear care in children, adults and wearers of hearing prosthesis as they do not dry up the skin and respect the natural sebaceous physiological balance
  • OTOSAN is continuously researching natural remedies to improve health in harmony with nature


cajeput oil
Properties: antiseptic, antineuralgic, pain-killing

geranium oil
Properties: healing, antiseptic

juniper oil
Properties: parasiticidal, healing, antiseptic, balsamic, anti-inflammatory

chamomile essence
Properties: antispasmodic, analgetic, sedative, nerve tonic, anti-inflammatory, healing

sweet almond oil
Properties: softening, soothing, liposolubilising

ethyl ether
Properties: local antiseptic, disinfectant


Bend your head and pour 3-5 drops of Otosan Natural Ear Drops into the ear. Pay attention not to insert the dropping bottle into the ear. Allow the drops to act for at least 15-20 minutes by holding your head bent or by putting some cotton wool within the ear. Then gently clean the auricle. It is advised to treat both ears a time.

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