ISLS17218 Vent-Axia

Centra Co2 Model Boxed 444672 - Vent Axia

  • Lo-Carbon Centra CO2 and humidity - IN BOX.


Product Description

  • What is de-centralised MEV (dMEV)The Building Regulations Approved Document F gives examples of four main methods of ventilation
  • The fans run continuously at near silent levels providing a simple and effective form of ventilation.
  • The integral CO2 and Humidistat sensor maintains the best possible air quality whilst using the minimum amount of energy and prevents over ventilation
  • System 3, Continuous mechanical extract ventilation can be achieved using a single centralised extract unit such as the Sentinel Multivent ducted to 'wet' rooms (kitchen, bathroom, en-suite and WC) or by decentralised individual fans, such as the Lo-Carbon Centra in the 'wet' rooms


The Lo-Carbon Centra meets the latest requirements of the Building Regulations Approved Document F for wholehouse system ventilation.Selection of the two normal flow rates (6l/s or 9l/s) is via a simple 'jumper' on the control board. Different methods are available for operating boost speed from a simple switched live to integral humidistat or CO 2 sensor. See individual models for further details.The attractive and discreet styling of the Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Centra will complement the dEcor of any new home while virtually silent operation ensures optimum ventilation is achieved without intrusive noise. PerformanceExtract Performance (l/s)Power Consumption (watts)Sound dB(A) @ 3mTricklelowTricklehighBoostTricklelowTricklehighBoostTricklelowTricklehighBoost69151.41.62.410.815.525.2

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