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Chakra Crystals (7)

  • Key Features Chakra crystals are designed for use on the 7 energy centres of the body
  • They can be placed on or under the body during any holistic treatment
  • Cleanses balances and maintains a healthy aura
  • Care Instructions Store in a cool dry place
  • Helps to restore balance & energy flow through the body
  • The more the crystals are used the more negative energy they are exposed to causing them to be less effective
  • Therefore we would recommend you to re-charge & re-energise them as often as needed by immersing them into cold water or salt water
  • Thoroughly clean crystals after each use.
  • This set of x 7 assorted Chakra Crystals is ideal for use during hot stone therapy & holistic therapy treatments
  • Each energy centre is represented by a different colour chakra crystal
  • Specification x 1 Turquoise x 1 Jasper Guidelines As a general guide these crystals can be used for the following energy centres: Amethyst (crown) Blood Stone (Coccyx) Turquoise (Throat) Tiger s Eye (Solar Plexus) Rose Quartz (Heart) Jasper (Sacral) & Sodalite (Third Eye)


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