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Chanel Le Lift Firming Anti Wrinkle Creme Fine - 50g

  • Chanel Le Lift Firming Anti Wrinkle Creme Fine
  • A customised anti-ageing skincare product that adapts to the background of your skin
  • Your emotions, lifestyle and environment play a more decisive role than your genetic programming
  • LE LIFT detects the background of your skin to reactivate youth mechanisms more effectively.
  • BenefitsA smart technology for targeted effectiveness that gives skin the cellular response that suits it best
  • Skin regains suppleness, resilience and elasticity
  • Features appear lifted
  • Even deep wrinkles are smoothed.Active ingredientsAt the heart of the formula lies an exclusive* natural ingredient that is purer, more powerful and more concentrated than ever, achieved after 12 years of research:** 3.5-DA
  • It modulates production of micro-RNA, responsible for skin aging, and regulates their number


Product Description

  • The production of youth proteins is reactivated.

    *Exclusive ingredient developed for CHANEL
    **Research conducted by a partner

    Application ritual

    The texture of the Crème Fine: fresh, light and airy
  • Apply LE LIFT cream to face and neck, morning and evening, with rapid smoothing movements
  • Avoid the eye contour.

Manufactured by

Chanel Ltd









Expected Despatch By 31/10/2016
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