CHSS10189 Chasseur

Chasseur Frying Pan With Wooden Handle - Chilli Red - 28cm

  • Chasseur Frying Pan Smooth Enamelled Base With Wooden Handle Chilli Red
  • Excellent quality that is built to last
  • Strong and durable cast iron


Product Description

  • Made from a durable cast iron, this frying pan from Chasseur comes in chilli red with a stay cool handle
  • It is suitable for the grill, oven and hob and has an easy to clean enamel coating
  • These solid cast iron frypans are double enamelled for added durability and easier cleaning
  • Made in France to exacting quality standards, all Chasseur cast iron products carry a lifetime guarantee
  • Hanging loop
  • Stay cool handle
  • Suitable for grill & oven
  • Suitable for gas & halogen hobs

About Brand

Unsurpassed performance and quality in the kitchen, all Chasseur products are manufactured in France from the highest quality materials and are exceptionally practical and hard wearing. Lifetime guarantee. History of Cast Iron The first traces of foundry date back to prehistoric times. The molds, modeled in soft stone to collect the molten metal, were used to manufacture tools. This technique marked the passage from Stone Age to the Bronze Age and the arrival of metal in daily life and the arts. Today foundry work affects a wide variety of fields like advanced industries such as aerospace. It allows forming metal alloys, cast in sand molds. Enamelling, a technique for coating metals, was used in Antiquity to decorate art objects. Today this highly manual technique is used to coat the objects of our daily life. Chasseur enameled cast-iron cookware is manufactured at the Invicta foundry and enameling plants, which have been established since 1924 in Donchery, the French Champagne Ardenne region known all around the world for its food and wine. Today its know-how extends to sectors as different as culinary pottery, decoration, furniture, wood heating and barbeques. Invicta controls 100% of the manufacturing process in-house: design department, foundry, surface treatment, marketing and distribution. Enamelled cast-iron is ideal for grilling, simmering, roasting or simply for re-heating, thanks to its unquestionable properties: Distributes heat evenly, for slow cooking and saving energy Resistant to high temperatures Absorbs and retains heat to keep food hot Compatible with all types of hobs, including Induction Hardwearing Double layer of enamel, black on the edges to protect from corrosion, and matt or gloss finish on the inside and outside. Conforms with all food hygiene regulations. The Chasseur range of Cast iron can be used on all heat sources, from the oldest, wood or coal, gas and electric, to the most modern, ceramic and induction. The Class’Induction symbol proves that the Chasseur range fulfills all of the strict criteria to be perfectly compatible with induction hobs. On glass-topped hobs, care should be taken not to scratch the surface. All cast-iron products may be used in the oven, except for those with wooden handles. The stainless steel knobs on the Chasseur casseroles are suitable for use in ovens.

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