FFSP11186 Boiron

Chestnut & Vanilla Puree (Frozen), Boiron,1kg

  • The role of the ever-Christmassy chestnut doesn't end with roasting whole - in fact, unlike most Europeans, in the UK we are very bad at recognising its full potential in cooking, and particularly in desserts. It is delicious in sweet pastries, cakes and chocolate puddings, and its flavour is often best as one of two in a mixture. Can't find whole chestnuts? Look no further - this wonderful puree, with a warm hint of vanilla,if fabulous and is very easy to store. Sugared Chestnut.

Product Description

Have some fun with this one, as it loves sweetness and makes to-die-for desserts. Sugared chestnut Chantilly cream is delicious, and a great addition to the average apple pasty, plus chocolate fondant puddings get a delicious makeover when you add a bit of chestnut puree to the lusciously oozy insides. Try making some candies and ice cream, too...

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